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Our Mission & Vision

RuralEdge strengthens Northeast Kingdom communities one home at a time. RuralEdge envisions Northeast Kingdom communities where every individual can live in stable, affordable housing with access to the services they need to live a healthy and prosperous life.

What we Provide

Our Mission & Vision

Quality Housing

RuralEdge prides itself on providing 655 residential and some commercial rental units across the Northeast Kingdom, including: developments for senior populations, developments with both market-rate units and units based on income. In addition, RuralEdge is always in the process of identifying and completing new rental properties to add to our portfolio. No matter the financial circumstances of our residents, we aim to provide quality, safe, and affordable housing for all. 

Our Mission & Vision

Education & Empowerment

As a Neighborworks Organization, RuralEdge operates a Homeownership Center to assist individuals in everything from purchasing a home, financial counseling, home repair and more.  We also assist private landlords in bringing vacant units back on-line to ensure the maximum amount of rental units are available to the market. These services put our mission into action: strengthening Northeast Kingdom communities, one home at a time!

Our Mission & Vision

Strengthened Community Bonds

The business of affordable housing is about more than just buildings. At RuralEdge, we know that we are housing people! We house people that come from a diversity of backgrounds, with different skills and something to offer the communities they live in. We provide service coordination and preventive nursing services through our Support & Services at Home (SASH) program, support to residents facing housing instability through our Eviction Prevention Program, and work to establish all residents as part of their community through our Community Building & Engagement Program. We also advocate for the needs of affordable housing and those experiencing homelessness through leadership in the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition and Vermont Coalition to End Homelessness.  

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