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Support and Services at Home (SASH)

Support and Services at Home (SASH)

What is SASH?

The Support and Services at Home Program is offered throughout the State of Vermont, and it is designed to provide personalized coordinated care, through nursing services, programming, and service coordination, to help participants stay safe and live independently in their homes as long as possible, regardless of age or residential setting.

SASH uses Medicare dollars in a targeted way, knowing that it is more expensive to move someone to higher care than to have them live in their own homes. By funding a service like SASH to offer assistance to people living at home, it saves the state money, and increases the quality of life for individuals who would rather stay in their homes.

Support and Services at Home (SASH)

Who do we Serve?

SASH Participants are usually 65 or older, or have a disability. Although many of our participants live in RuralEdge properties, it is not a requirement. We have many community-based participants living in family homes or other facilities across the Northeast Kingdom and eastern Orange County. 

To become a member, contact us at (802) 535-3555 and ask for the SASH Director.

SASH Services come at no cost to participants!

Services Provided

Support and Services at Home (SASH)

Nursing Services

Our SASH Wellness nurses provide many direct preventative healthcare services to participants, including:

  • Annual nursing assessments
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Foot Care Clinics and in-home foot care
  • Medication Reconciliations
  • Health Education
  • Referrals

Preventative services help lower rates of hospitalizations and stays at higher care facilities.

Support and Services at Home (SASH)

Care Management 

There are three components of care management in SASH:

Care Coordination

SASH staff conduct wellness assessments, convene community partners working with the participant, understand participant needs and preferences and coordinates a healthy living plan for the participant.

Self Management

SASH staff develop healthy living plans, provide health coaching, regular check-ins, mostly via phone during COVID-19, and organize evidenced-based programming.

Transitional Care

SASH staff coordinate with discharge staff, family and neighbors to keep the participant safe during transitions in care, along with appropriate visits and intervention to make sure discharge instructions are followed, medications are changed accordingly, and set goals for future care. 

Support and Services at Home (SASH)

Food Security 

Even before the COVID-19 Pandemic, RuralEdge SASH coordinators have made the food security of their participants a high priority. This has not only continued during the pandemic, but has expanded! 

We participate in several monthly food drop opportunities, namely: 
Veggie Van Go
Senior Farm Share

Support and Services at Home (SASH)


Each of our coordinators and nurses are trained in some form of evidenced-based programming and education that they bring to SASH participants. Examples of these programs include:

Tai Chi
Matter of Balance
Bone Builders
Fraud Awareness, Diabetic Education & Fall Prevention 

Programming is often available to the wider community, not just participants, helping us reach a wider audience and increase the good work that we do.

Support and Services at Home (SASH)

SASH Changes Lives!

“Soon after I moved in, the on-site SASH nurse noticed that I was showing the early signs of a stroke. They took immediate action to intervene and helped with my recovery. I am happy to share that my health has since taken a positive turn.” 

– Regina, SASH Participant

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The University Of Vermont
North Country Hospital
Northeast Kingdom Human Services
Council on Aging
Downstreet Housing & Community Development
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