Can I complete my application online and submit it?

You are able to download and fill the PDF application online. However, we are required to get signatures of all adult household members in order to complete your application. You will need to print the completed application, sign where needed and submit it to us via mail, email or fax.

I do not have my social security cards. Is there another document that I can submit?

We can accept state or federal documents as an alternative to your social security card. They must list the full name & full social security number on the document. Example: drivers license or ID, medical ID card, employer pay stub, bank statements, social security benefit award letter, retirement award letter, life insurance policy, Form 1099, W2, court records, etc.

How do I check my status on a waitlist?

You may check your waitlist status by calling our office and asking for our Compliance Specialist. If you need to leave a message, it is helpful to leave your full name, number and reason for calling. Please keep in mind that our waitlists can be long and often do not always move quickly. Wait times are unpredictable as there are many varying factors. You will be notified with a waitlist notification letter as soon as an apartment becomes available. Please make sure to follow the proper process outlined once you receive a waitlist notification letter.

How do you screen for eligibility?

We use the information that you provide on your application to determine eligibility to be placed on a waitlist. Once you have selected for a unit, we will work on verifying your eligibility further. This includes verifying your income & assets, criminal background checks, credit checks and landlord references. We use our Resident Selection Policy to outline reasons a person would not be eligible for our housing.

What is required for move in?

First months rent and security are required at move in. We will prorate your first months rent in the event that you move in after the 1st.

Do you have smoke-free properties?

All RuralEdge properties are smoke-free and do not allow smoking anywhere on the property grounds.

Do you allow pets?

Our pet policy varies by property. Many of our properties do allow pets with a $250 pet deposit per animal while some do not allow pets at all. All pets require approval from RuralEdge before the are allowed in the unit. Accommodation animals are allowed at all properties with proper documentation. No deposit is required with accommodation animals.

How do I request a ground floor unit?

Our application asks if a member of the household requires any special accommodations. You may request a ground floor unit at any time during the application process. Units on the second floor or higher will continue to be offered to you regardless of this request. Please keep in mind that our policy only allows two unit refusals at one property. If you refuse a second unit, you will be removed from the waitlist for that property. If the need for a ground floor unit is documented by a professional, a refusal of non-ground floor units will not be counted against your household.

How do I request a handicap or fully accessible unit?

You may request an accessible unit at any time during the application process. Please keep in mind that units will continue to be offered to you regardless of the accessibility of the unit. Refusal of non-accessible units will not be held against your household.

What are the reasons that you would be denied for housing?

Common reasons for denial are for prior eviction, poor landlord reference, criminal background and poor credit. When looking at credit we look at housing related expenses only. For example: overdue electric & fuel bills. We use our Resident Selection Policy to outline reasons a person would not be eligible for our housing.

What if I have been denied for housing?

If you have been denied for housing, you will have received a letter from our office stating the reason for denial. You will be given an opportunity to appeal the denial decision. The letter will give you a deadline to request an appeal. The appeal process consists of an in person meeting where you are given the opportunity to explain the circumstances that led to the denial. A decision is then made to uphold or overturn your denial based on the information you provide.